Shaggy Toller’s WILD SCIROCCO

Weezy - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Denmark (Shaggy Toller’s kennel)

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Working Class Certificate (WCC)

Born on 2011-05-06
Gender: Male
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 20 kg

(retired from sport and hunting for health reasons)

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free
mineralization of the intervertebral discs between C2-C3 and C7-Th1 (discopathy)

Weezy, officially Shaggy Toller’s WILD SCIROCCO, is our first (and long awaited) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Born on the 6th of May 2011 at the Shaggy Toller’s kennel in Denmark, Weezy came to Poland the same year. Weezy descends directly from Shaggy Toller’s Tombstone Shadow (Shadow) and Shaggy Toller’s Ce-Li’s Wild Child (Chilli).

It was Weezy who opened the door to the world of Tollers and dog sports for us. Working with Weezy has been a history of ups and downs. That is why I have come to say that Weezy is my blessing and curse in one dog.

Weezy lives for himself and himself alone and has 'will to please … himself’. He rarely seeks any interaction with humans or responds to a recall if there is no win for him in it. Already as a pup, he showed no interest in toys – unlike food, which he simply adores.

Training Weezy, my first dog, was a great challenge. A true breakthrough was our first obedience seminar with Joanna Hewelt, who introduced us to obedience training. Joanna’s mentoring has pulled our dog training out of the rut, and practicing obedience became a truly enjoyable experience.

Weezy is not your typical sporting dog: he lacks the agility, fitness and strong motivation for performance competition. In exchange, he is really focused at work and a very inventive thinker, to the point of offering solutions on his own. Weezy’s another great advantage is his stability and reliable performance at all exercises he has mastered. The key to success with Weezy is always the same: motivation.

Weezy’s front limbs problems does not make the obedience training any easier. His health being of the utmost importance, we had to give up all the things the obedience world loves the most – speed, dynamic stops and turns.

All in all, I really do like working with Weezy. Breaking another barrier, every successful training, and each good competition with this dog satisfies me very much.

Currently Weezy has finished his competitions in FCI obedience class 2 with a promotion to FCI obedience class 3 – being the first Polish Toller to achieve that. We are a member of the Na Fali Obedience Team (Poland), being coached by one and only Joanna Hewelt.

As the work that Tollers have been bred for is our passion, we are moving Weezy towards dummy training. This training helped us to overcome his fear of shots and build better relations.

Using his nautral birdness and passion for hunting work, we train for competitions dedicated to retrievers and tolling hunting tests. In 2018 Weezy has passed an official hunting test for retrievers. He received a Working Class Certificate (WCC) issued by the Polish Kennel Club.

Last but not least, Weezy is a proven hunting dog and a working retriever – he was used in duck, goose and pheasant hunting.

As of 2021 Weezy has retired from sport and hunting for health reasons. We still train for fun and are active to keep Weezy fit and in perfect physical condition.

Photo in the header: Marcin Rutkowski Photography


Working Class Certificate (WCC)

Proven hunting dog (ducks, geese, pheasants)

09/08/2018 – Hunting Test for Retrievers (Czernikowo, PL)
Class B – 2. prize (2nd degree diploma), place 3/8




2018.07.10 – Obedience Competition in Wrocław (PL)
note: excellent (260/320 points), place 2/10
Judge: Karl Rössler (AT)

2018.12.08 – Obedience Competition in Västerås (SE)
note: very good (237,5/320 points), place 1/1
Judge: Christer Adesand (SE)

2018.08.11 – Obedience Competition in Bro-Håbo (SE)
note: excellent (284/320 points), place 1/5
Judge: Jimmy Wranning (SE)

2018.04.08 – Tollarspecialen 2018 (Muskö, SE)
note: very good (247,5/320 points), place 4/9
Judge: Anders Svensson (SE)

2018.07.07 – Obedience Competition in Gdynia (PL)
note: very good (224,5/320 points), place 3/6
Judge: Gerlinde Dobler (DE)

2017.05.08 – Tollarspecialen 2017 (Laholm, SE)
no prize, place 1/10
Judge: Carina Barthel (SE)

2017.01.04 – Obedience Competition in Wrocław (PL)
note: very good (228,5/320 points), place 5/13
Judge: Jacek Lewkowicz (PL)

2017.12.03 – Obedience Competition in Grębiszew (PL)
note: good (223,5/320 points), place 4/6
Judge: Stanisław Pasek (PL)

2017.11.03 – Obedience Competition in Grębiszew (PL)
no prize (146,5/320 points), place 4/5
Judge: Viktoria Varsani (IT)

2017.15.01 – Obedience Competition in Gdynia (PL)
note: good (210,5/320 points), place 4/6
Judge: Rudy Cattrysse (BE)

2016.06.08 – Tollarspecialen 2016 (Forsvik, SE)
note: very good (242/300 points), place 1/8
Judge: Hans Simmingsköld (SE)



2015.01.08 – Tollarspecialen 2015 (Sälen, SE)
note: excellent (184/200 points), place 2/13
Judge: Gunnar Fors (SE)

2014.21.06 – Obedience Competition in Gdynia (PL)
note: excellent (234,5/280 points), place 1/8
Judge: Carina Barthel (SE)

2014.24.05 – Obedience Competition in Warsaw (PL)
note: good (189,5/280 points), place 8/14
Judge: Eddy Watthee (BE)

2014.17.05 – Obedience Competition in Wrocław (PL)
note: excellent (231,5/280 points), place 1/5
Judge: Jacek Lewkowicz (PL)

2014.29.03 – Obedience Competition in Lubieszyn (PL)
note: excellent (231/280 points), place 3/4
Judge: Janusz Arnold (PL)


2014.02.08 – Tollarspecialen 2014 (SE)
note: excellent (160/200 points), place 3/19
Judge: Ingvar Johansson (SE)

2013.30.06 – Obedience Competition in Bydgoszcz (PL)
note: excellent (100/100 points), place 1/6
Judge: Henryk Salamon (PL)

Companion Dog Exam

2012.17.11 – Companion Dog Exam in Toruń (PL)
note: excellent (200/200 points), place 1/2
Judge: Agnieszka Kępka (PL)