About us

To have a dog – this had been our dream and an obvious necessity. Our expectations for the first dog had also been clear: a good swimmer and retriever that is agile, muscular, eager for work, and not too big too, since it would have to live in a block of flats.

It took us months to find a right breed. After long research and talking to many Toller owners, we have decided that the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is the best choice. This is why we got Weezy (Shaggy Toller’s Wild Scirocco) back in 2011, followed by Spock (Next Generation Peak Performance Dancing with Fire) in 2014 and MJ (Redrivals Burning Spitfire) in 2022.  

Dogs became very important members of our family and  have changed our life completely. Since 2011 we have gained new experiences, met many interesting people and made some friendships that are very valuable to us. We’ve become members of the Polish Kennel Club (FCI) as well as the Swedish and Czech Toller Club.

From the very beginning we have been trying to learn and understand everything we can about the Tollers and the specific characteristics of this breed. Since 2014 we’ve been taking part in the biggest Toller event in Europe – TOLLARSPECIALEN, organized by the Swedish Toller Club. During our trips to Sweden, we entered obedience and dummy competitions, achieving very good results. Since our first visit to Scandinavia, tolling hunting tests became the centre of our interest.

Our first dog sport was OBEDIENCE. Both Weezy and Spock have completed competing in FCI obedience class 2, with Weezy being Polish Obedience Vice-Champion of Retrievers 2018 and first Toller in Poland with a promotion to FCI obedience class 3. As members of the Na Fali Obedience Team (Poland), we train with Joanna Hewelt and Magdalena Stodułko, who constantly inspire us to go beyond our limits. To improve our trainings and deepen our knowledge, we take part in obedience camps and seminars with, among others, Christa Enqvist (FI), Riitta Kivimäki (FI), Anna Scelsa (IT), Anna Herzog (UK) and Monica Wickstrøm (NO).

As the work that Tollers have been bred for is our passion, we spend a lot of time and energy on DUMMY TRAINING. Both our dogs have passed official hunting tests for retrievers and in 2018 went hunting for the very first time. Working and training with our redheads helps us to understand the essence of this breed and the qualities that Tollers should have. Our motto and mission are the words of well known Mrs. Alison Strang: „Never please lose sight of what this breed was bred to do”.

Since many years we are involved in dog sports and promoting working with Tollers. We took part in all Polish National Toller Meetings, being co-organizers of three out of four of them. During those events, all participants could learn about obedience, agility and frisbee and try, which dog sport would fit them best.

In 2017 we have organized a dummy seminar with Susanne Reinke and Maike Böhm from Germany. The aim of this event was to promote dummy work among Tollers’ owners and show them some training methods perfect for mentality and style of work of our redheads (read more about the seminar by clicking: here).

In March 2018 we have invited Mr. Sverker Haraldsson from Sweden for the very first TOLLING seminar in Poland. This gave us the opportunity to train not only the retriever work, but most of all the one thing that makes our breed so exceptional – tolling work (you can read more about the tolling seminar by clicking: here). We have continued with tolling trainings in 2019 when Mr. Haraldsson agreed to visit us for the second time.

In 2022, after long COVID-19 break, we have organized another dummy & tolling workshop – this time with Jelle Huysmans from Belgium.

Since 2020 we are a member of the Polish Hunting Association. This allows us to work even better on our dog’s working abilities and go duck, goose and pheasant hunting together.

We kindly invite you to read more about our beloved dogs and their achievements. Please feel free to contact us – we are always willing to share our passion and learn more about the breed. 

Małgorzata Prażanowska & Krzysztof Prażanowski
Poznań, POLAND

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Photos: Marcin Rutkowski Photography & Daria Terokhina



Redrivals Burning Spitfire

Redrivals BURNING SPITFIRE (MJ) is our third Toller, carefully chosen for sports and hunting. We have been looking for a dog with great working potential and this is what we have found in Norwegian Redrivals kennel.

Both parents of MJ live in Sweden. His mother (Redrivals WILDCARD) is a brilliant obedience dog competing on a highest level. Father (Tollarbos MALLIGA YES) is ready to start in obedience class 3 as well as in tolling hunting test (open class). MJ’s pedigree is a line of proven obedience and hunting dogs, which is exactly what we have been looking for.

Next Generation Peak Performance Dancing with Fire

Spock is our second Toller, born in Dancing with Fire kennel in Poland.

Spock’s parents are both Canadian dogs: Kalmegess’ CANADIAN RANGER (Ranger) and Stonaway SKY TRINITY (Trin). Spock took all the best from his mother. He has a lot of will to please and loves to work with his handler, which we use a lot in obedience and dummy/hunting training.


Shaggy Toller's Wild Scirocco

Weezy, officially: Shaggy Toller’s Wild Scirocco, was our first, long awaited Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. He was born on May 6, 2011 in Denmark and came to Poland the same year. It has all begun thanks to Weezy – our love for the breed, our obedience & dummy training, our hunting passion and SONS OF A GUN adventure.